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Organization’s design & optimization

  • Analysis and redesign of whole operation model
  • Design, redesign and documentation of:
  • -Processes, policies and procedures
    -Organizational chart & Jobs description
    -Competences model

  • Define IT functionality needed
  • Project management and transformation offices

Change management

  • Change Management challenges identification
  • Designing and coordination of strategies of change management for:
  • -New business strategies implementation
    -Process and Org chart adjustments
    -Implementation of I.T. solutions
    -Mergers and acquisitions
    -Corporate moving

  • Design and coordinate strategies and working plans of:

    -Leadership and sponsorship
    -Impact analysis of change
    -Organizational alignment

Corporate culture transformation

  • Definition of mission, vision, values and desired culture
  • Corporate culture gap diagnose and identification of factors to be modified
  • Design and follow up strategies for Corporate Culture transformation
  • -Leadership alignment
    -Communication campaigns
    -Organizational system alignment
    -Competence training strategies


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